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2025 African Co-Ed Safari with Rhinoland Safaris

Join Us for an Unforgettable Adventure!

Welcome to our fourth year of thrilling safari adventures with Rhinoland Safaris in the breathtaking 📍Limpopo, South Africa. This year, we're offering two exclusive packages designed to cater to both novice and seasoned hunters:


1. Single Hunter Beginners Package: $6,495

5 Animals





Wildebeest or Ostrich

Ideal for those new to the safari experience, this package offers personalized guidance and support. You’ll have the opportunity to hunt a variety of game under expert supervision, ensuring a safe and exhilarating experience.

2. Elite Package for Two Hunters: $9,495

6 Animals

Choose Two





Choose Two




White blesbok

Choose One

Black impala



Choose One

Golden wildebeest



Civet cat

Perfect for experienced hunters or those looking for a more intensive adventure. This package provides an elevated hunting experience, with tailored opportunities to track and hunt some of Africa’s most sought-after game.

Key Features:

- **Duration**: Nine-day trip, including seven full days of hunting.

- **Inclusive**:

- Five-star meals and lodging.

- Daily laundry service.

- VAT tax included.

- Firearm rentals and ammunition.

- Transportation to and from Johannesburg airport.

- Videographer and photographer to capture every moment.

- Goodie bags for all attendees.

🧥What to Pack:

- A carry-on with three days’ worth of hunting and casual wear clothes (laundry service is provided daily).

Packing list will be sent via email to all attendees 6 months prior to the event.

🦒 Add-Ons and Customizations:

- Add-ons and substitutions are available.

- Custom packages can be arranged to suit your specific needs.

🚫 Not Included:

- Airfare -South Africa to and from the United States.

- Taxidermy services.

- Gratuity for guides and camp staff (chefs, skinners, maids). A detailed breakdown will be provided.

Recommended Gratuity Breakdown

- PH gratuity is typically $100 to $150 per day

- Gratuity to Camp staff is a combination of the group

Camp staff gratuity for the combined group total $350

Gratuity to host $400-$500 total combination of the group

Gratuity to the Chef $300-$400 combination of the total group

Gratuity to the Skinners $200-$300 combination of the total group

Trackers $200-$300 per hunter

🛖Additional Perks:

- Enjoy a resort-style stay with comprehensive services and amenities.

- Goodie bags and surprises for all participants.

- Bar

- Pool

- Gift Shop

- A detailed packing list will be provided upon sign-up.

📖 What’s needed for travel

- No vaccines are needed

- Passport Required

- Specific Airline travels will be provided to attendees

“South Africa is a place where you can feel the heartbeat of the earth and see the soul of the wild.”


May 28th to June 5th

Arrival evening of the 28th









Leave out the afternoon of the 5th

Deposits are $1,500 per person with observer rates available as well of $195 per night ( Includes meals and lodging for a non hunter 15% VAT tax not included for observations)

$1,000 of the deposit goes towards hunt packages, total cost of the hunt is due at the end of the hunt.

You can pay credit card or international wire transfer.

You can also make payments ahead of time via wire transfers for your total hunt cost.

$500 of the deposit covers fees, wire transfers, transportation, photography & videographer along with trip exclusives.

**Ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience?** For more information and to sign up. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Leave your expectations at home because Rhinoland Safaris will far surpass them. We look forward to sharing another incredible year with you!

Africa 2025 Co-Ed Safari

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