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- **Event:** Women's Only CPL Class

- **Date:** April 20th

- **Location:** Muzzy Pheasant Farm, Michigan

- **Time:** 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

- **Description:** Join us for a comprehensive CPL class exclusively for women. Receive full instruction and certification for CPL education, including firearm training and safety. The event will feature both classroom sessions and range time.

Enjoy coffee and donuts in the morning, with lunch provided.

- **Firearm Rental:** Firearm rental and ammunition are available. Please contact Muzzy Pheasant Farm if you do not have a firearm and need one for this course. (Typical cost is $50.)

- **Cost:** $155

- **Contact:** For questions or concerns, please contact Muzzy Pheasant Farm or Women of the Wild.

#WomenOfTheWild #CPLClass #FirearmTraining #SafetyFirst #EmpowerWomen

Women’s CPL course

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