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🎣 Calling all adventurous women! Join Women of the Wild for an exhilarating Bow Fishing Adventure with Modified Outdoors in Illinois!

🌊 Experience the thrill of shooting mid-air flying carp during our three-day event, featuring six action-packed trips. 🏹

All experience levels welcome—join us for two trips a day, with breakfast and dinner homemade at our beautiful Airbnb. 🍽️

Spend the day bonding with fellow outdoor enthusiasts, then head out for exciting bow fishing excursions in the afternoon and evening.

Help clean out invasive species from our waterways while having a blast! 🐟

Please note: No drugs or alcohol permitted on the boat. Sign up now for an unforgettable adventure with Women of the Wild!

Second payment DUE May 1st

Final payment DUE JUNE 1st

#BowFishingAdventure #WomenoftheWild #OutdoorWomen #IllinoisAdventure #CleanWaterways 🌿

🚨SOLD OUT🚨 Illinois Flying Carp

$950.00 Regular Price
$700.00Sale Price
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